Need a little attention


So getting straight to the point, I submitted this pack a while ago and then I was asked to make some changes regarding the landscape texture fade out distance.

I fixed the issue within a few hours after I was asked to do so but since 19/12/2015 I have sent a lot of emails and PMs here and there but I’m not hearing anything back. I understand you get a lot of emails and things take time but it’s been a month since this pack has been ready to go live and yet it’s sitting in the dust. So I got curious whether is anybody seeing my emails or not at all.
Both my other 2 packs didn’t take more than 15 days to go live. And I have many more packs to come but honestly there is no transparency on what’s happening or anything like that that makes the decisions for further contributions to marketplace so hard that I’m being discouraged to continue if I have to spend 1-2 months just waiting for a reply.

I hope we get things sorted out soon.

Awesome! Thanks for this!