Need a Laptop That Can Run UE4

Yes I checked the recommended specs, I just need a laptop to bring to school to work on a year long project. I found this: . It was probably the best I could find for price and want to know if it can run UE4 at a decent speed.

Any computer above a GTX 770 with i5 is more than enough, but the problem with laptops is Heat ! Heat dissipation in laptop computers is not as efficient as in a desktop PC so when it gets hot it’ll throttle down CPU and GPU which will be a painful experience (Trust me my laptop would get hot enough to cause skin burns) , so you better lookout for a laptop that has good heat ventilation and possibly invest in a cooling pad for better venting.

you say you need to take it to school so yeah a laptop is fine , otherwise I’d advice to get only desktop for heavy load operations like UE4

DEll laptops with 2 graphics (intel and ati or nvidia) have quite nasty habit of changing gpu during runtime depending on load. So check if you can force this laptop to use only NVIDIA. Else you may have some weird problems. I know that for eg Ubuntu was crashing because of that on my dell laptop. Another problem i have with dell laptop is unreliable usb3 ports, they love turn on and off randomly.

I have some dell inspiron model with i7 8gb ram and ati card, and it can barely run ue4. Working is doable but feels very bad after working on real desktop pc. Also keep in mind that you usually have more big apps running while working in unreal. for eg. visual studio, unreal, photoshop, all together.

Get a workstation laptop with good specs.

I would be looking at anything with the new gen Nvidia GPUs inside, like the 1060.

You willspend far more than you need to to run it without lag. A Mac will do. If you are rich and want to spend. Desktop and Nvidia is better at running it than othe cards. I have tried way before the UE4 came out. Get a desktop easier. Laptops are for business travels and those who say “look at me I am speacial”. Think on it. The most powerful laptops out now with top cards barely can run the ATLaunchers RR3 or Yogscast. That is minecraft area.

No – all the MacBooks have either no separate GPU, or severely underpowered GPUs. Apple has totally lost it for game development and play.

Unreal Engine requires significant machine resources once your levels start becoming a little bit involved, and you’ll want as much CPU as you can lay your hands on for lightmap baking. Even if a laptop can run an Unreal Engine game reasonably, it may not be enough for level editing, because the level editor puts more load on the GPU (it’s not using all the optimized/baked rendering, and adds a bunch of UI widgets.)

Good value-for-money: – 512 GB SSD, GTX 960M GPU, Core i7-6500U. Main draw-back is RAM; only comes with 8 GB, although reviews say you can easily put in another 8 GB to get 16 GB and dual-channel speed. Only 2 kg weight (MacBook Pro-like) (I get this for one of the kids for Christmas)

Cheapest reasonable with GPU (but only a 940):

Very nice: This is basically like a MacBook Pro, except black, and with Windows, and a good GPU. (GTX 1060M) (I use this year’s earlier version with GTX 970M of this for work)

I developed on a $400 i7 laptop with no discrete graphics just fine. It was 30fps on low settings all the time, but it worked for my purposes. You’re much better off getting something with a discrete graphics card though, preferably something like the 860m or better. I’m currently on one with a 970m, I’ve been using that as my main workstation. I’m looking to upgrade this black friday/cyber monday (for VR), so if you’re interested I can sell you this one for a negotiable price. PM me if you’d like.

ASUS Rog are the best price and quality opinion that I ever see

Be careful as some devs on here…

…have gotten badly burned buying Asus!

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