Need a helper for my MAP

Hey guys Im Andariel, started to work on my Ark Map two months ago. My map has the same size as the Island, its fully sculpted and painted, has all spawn locations and weather and day and night cycle set, currently im doing the foliage and detailing of the map, but there are technical issues wich I dont understand, I no nothing about blueprints, and foliage volumes, or how to add snow fall effects to my snowy biome, or sound effects for my biomes, so I need a more experienced person who could co work on my map, and make it to work, fix some issues and do all the blueprinting on it. For example my weather and day and night cycle seemingly I done everything what was instructed, followed uzumis tutorial and bricks video tutorial…and it looks sweet but the clouds still dark, and altough in the editor day and night changes slowly, when I test it ingame and play theres no rain, and there is always a night time, and I know that this has to do with blueprints cause I have done everything else what I had to but its just so annoying all these little things, I always feel like im wasting my time, I wanna create something awesome, but I run into these invisible walls so fixing these type of issues is what I need. Im kinda done with this method that as a total newbie in unreal, whenever I run into a problem I try to solve it myself, browse on the forum looking for answer for days, even write to people here or on internet looking everywhere, watch tutorial after tutorial, and waste literally days of my time with looking for answers for something wich for an experienced guy would take probably 1 minute to solve. So now I just rather work and work and work on everything what I can do, but in the meantime if someone wanna participate in the making of a really cool new map his help would be appreciated.