Need a hand with the Sequencer animations.

Hey all - sorry for the noobish question, I’ve done a bit of my own research but I am not exactly sure the right terms to type in to get some self-help with this.

A few years back, a friend and I (neither of us are dev’s even as hobbyists,) created a VR museum for a school project - anyways, inside the museum we had a scene with a whole bunch of bullets on a table. These bullets start mid-air and when you hit ‘play’ the physics / gravity comes into effect and they drop the table.

Basically, what I am trying to do, is capture a sequence of all of the bullets essentially from their start point (in the air) to when they fall and hit the table, with some camera movements and what not. I’ve managed to keyframe out all of the camera moves I want, FOV, DoF, etc, but what I am having trouble with is actually getting the bullets to ‘play’ as they do when you hit Play. Not sure if that makes any sense at all, I can try and offer clarification if necessary.

A few things I am thinking are an issue is - 1) The bullet animations aren’t actually ‘animations,’ just the state of the bullet before / after you hit play, with basically just physics acting as the ‘animation’ (i.e. the bullets falling to the table) which 2) means, although I may be incorrect, that because there is no ‘sequence’ of ‘animation’ of those bullets playing, I have nothing really to tie to?

I guess what I want to accomplish is this - use the camera I have with the keyframes, to run those keyframes while the level starts up / while the bullets are falling after hitting Play. Bonuses would be a way to ‘slo-mo’ the footage without doing it in post (shooting at 120fps if possible?) or just slowing the actual fall of the bullets - either or.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.