need a guide for blueprinting

Guys do you have a guide for blueprinting and can someone explain blueprints work sistem how does it work ?

So blueprints is a visual coding system, more helpful for people who don’t know how to do c++. There is quite a bit you can do with it. Basically you will connect nodes in order to make things happen. And visually you can see when they activate or if there is an error. The way I learned was by looking up easy tutorials on youtube to do basic things such as, opening a door or turning on and off a light with a switch. Once you get the idea of the nodes you’ll need, it begins to get easier along the way. Just depending on what you plan on creating.

Blueprinting is only useful if you have a goal to work towards, so set a goal for yourself and then go on youtube to find tutorials that point you in the right direction.
Keep following tutorials until you get the general idea, then go out and explore.

There is no way somebody is going to explain to you in detail how to “blueprint” here.

All i can say is, don’t build nonsense. The depth of blueprints has burned out a whole lot of my classmates. Example that actually happened: Building a light that blinks 3 times then pauses, then blinks three times, etc, is a simple idea but it’s useless to you and everyone around you. Sure it might illustrate a concept in a tuttorial setting but really there’s next to 0 real applications to such a device, and it’s difficult to elaborate any new concepts around it. Start with a goal or idea in mind and try to work towards that. Like shooting an enemy or switching floors on an elevator.

This is a very beginner friendly series that will cover a lot of basic “concepts” that you can then use to create complex logic using blueprints. Might be just what you are looking for.…1jewB5s78zQHIy