Need A Group Of Game Developer To Bring My Game To Life

Hello, my name is “Reggie” i’m no game developer and im looking for a development team to work and help create a voxel FPS shooter aimed towards the mobile platform. Its heavily inspired by this game I am looking for skilled game developers such as 3D Model Artist, Sound Designer, User Interface Designer, 2D Artist, and Developers that are highly skilled with blueprints within Unreal Engine 4 to create a voxel FPS shooter for Android, IOS, & Windows Phone platform.

How much will i pay? I will pay average 50 - 100$ per month depending on the games total completion, and any money earned through in app purchases will also be split to the developers looking to help

Why the mobile platform? I’m looking to publish my game to the mobile platform seeing it will attract the audience significantly more than it would on MAC or Windows PC

Is there a time stamp for this game? Not really i’m hoping we can get a working version of the game with weapons, grenades, different maps, gadgets , pets and multiplayer in one year since game development takes alot of time (However the concept of this game is really simple maybe ill scratch things out as we go that are not needed

Alright that’s about it if you read this far and are interested in helping to create this game make sure to check how to contact me below

Are you interested? If yes contact me below

Skype - LosGaming_YT
Email -
Twitter - Losgamingyt
Name - Reggie Maldonado

Thanks for reading

First are you sure it is 50$ - 100$ per month? I spend as much for bus to work. You want to split income, so maybe [royalty] tag would fit better here.

Second thing, doing voxel world with blueprints only is kind of messy, about as much as you can do with blueprints. Then doing game on top of it would probably kill whole project. So you really need C++ for that idea.

You also can’t develop for Windows Phone in Unreal 4 either.

Seems interesting do you have any artist onboard?

I’m a scripter