Need a fresh pair of eyes... Debugging

Im making a word guessing game, and what i am trying to do is getting it to display the players previous guesses, along with the Bulls and Cows count with that guess. It is supposed to be set to invisible when the game starts, and then appear line by line as the player inputs guesses.It was working fine at first but somewhere along the line i broke it. Ive been looking for the problem for a while now and cant seem to find it. ← Game running

I am just gonna attach a copy of the game due the amount of blueprints involved in this ← Unreal files

The game is just a UI so all you need to do is open the BullsandCows UI


You’re executing the macro SaveLastGuesses only when the branch with the condition CurrentTry == MaxTries is True, instead you want to place it in front of the branch.

Oh wow i missed that. The game is complete now!