Need a Custom Capsule for Animal character

Hi. I’m developing a 3d Side Scroller Game with a Fox as Main Character. I have a problem finding a way to have a good Collision for my character.

Need both head and tail with collision for my game to work as I wish. Adding a Box, Capsule or Sphere Collision doesn’t work. Recently read that UE4 don’t support rotation on default Character’s CapsuleComponent.

Any solution? Is UE4 not capable of giving the tools to make this kind of game?

I hope there is some sort of solution, otherwise gotta move back to Unity, to my regret.

Have the same problem, did you ever figure this out?

try using a pawn or adding in your own collision component. using a pawn is probably the most viable solution. beyond that you could also try a coding solution but thats beyond my scope.

Would this documentation help? Setting Up Collisions With Static Meshes | Unreal Engine Documentation