Need a bit of suugestion/feedback regarding my system specification

Finally I am getting a new PC…

My old i5 laptop could only help me so far :stuck_out_tongue:
I need a bit of feedback if everything is correct. A friend of mine suggestion I might need to OC if I use 3000MHz RAM and I might need a better SMPS.
So it would be really helpful if any one could suggest if something is wrong with this.

This is what I am planning to get.

Thank you in advance.

Looks good to me (I didn’t check compatibility though), though if I were you, I’d get a GTX 980 or higher in order to really take advantage of your other specs, but that’s not really mandatory (I have the GTX 980 Ti and It’s awesome).

Well its going out of my budget.
I am mostly a programmer so this seems fine for me.

Is the Power supply fine right?

I’d go for 650w+ in case you decided to upgrade to some more power-hungry components, or decide to overclock.