Need a bit of Help with a Transform issue

I’m working in VR and the default ue4 grab snaps the grabbed item to the hand and is not very smooth. So I created a really nice interp to hands bit of code using a lerp transform, and It works really well.
My problem is that I want the grabbed item to rotate depending on what hand picked it up So the item is facing away from the palm, Currently the Item is facing the same way in both hands.
I need to find a nice solution to add a custom amount of rotation so it sits correctly.
I have tried many things like splitting the transform structs and trying to add it to the existing Yaw but all I got as janky stuff. Here is my setup below.
let me know how to solve this please.

You have a bit of a problem with the code there in any event as a timeline works best when it goes from one fixed point to another. You going from the hand translation, which is probably not so fixed, to the grenade translation which is definitely not fixed because it’s the thing you’re trying to move! :slight_smile:

When you’re happy with the way it works for one hand, do the same thing for the other hand, but add 180 degress in one axis to the target before you go into the timeline.

You can do that just by adding a rotator like 0, 180, 0 ( but you have to do it in the correct axis obviously ).

Thanks , I did consider trying to set it prior to timeline, But had already tried so many attempts as this that I didn’t want to chase anymore dead ends.
I got this Idea from looking over the robo recall code trying to figure out how they did there lerp objects to the hands.
I did actually solve this by adding set relative transform from the timeline finished pin, But it would do the nice lerp to hand then suddenly snap rotate in the hand.
What I want it to look like is one seamless lerp to hand with correct rotation.

This is the way to do it, for sure. But like I say, get start and end points calculated first.