Need a background for a short film scene.

I need a background greenscreen replacement done for a short film I’m making. It’s a film with the theme about the rise of fascism in the US. The scene is 1:20 secs long
I made a test shot myself using the existing “modular concert stage” asset pack in the Unreal marketplace . I’m happy to pay for the cost of the asset pack plus what your fee will be to create the scene.

It’s supposed to be a podium on a stage in a stadium.

I want it to look like he’s further away from the video wall behind him.
I will deal with the greenscreen overlay.
It will need to be high resolution.

Can I have your email?

1 u want a video to be played on the background
2 u want podium to be placed
3 want to green screen yourself behind the podium
Is that so?

FYI, this is a micro/no budget short film.


send me email on if u still in it

Done already.
Thanks anyway