Need a 3D flow map painter

Hi, I need to make a Flowmap for a complex 3D model.
It will be used to define the direction/distortion of the texture applied to the model, not to animate it.
I need to paint directly onto the 3d model; because it’s UVs are complex, I cannot paint it in 2D.

Any ideas?

Ready At Dawn uses Mari for doing that.

I have Never used Mari, and don’t have much other reason to start.
This looks promising, but i haven’t tested it yet.
Any more ideas are very welcome.

Yeah, you can paint directly on model using Sub.Painter or Mudbox

What about Blender ? Isn’t there a way to paint flow maps in Blender ? (or generate them somehow else and render out flow map)

Instead of flowmps, I would like to manualy distort the actual UVs of the model. Does anyone know what software has good UV distortion tools? I Need something that allows you to gently pull and bend UV islands around. A brushmode type tool would be particularly good.
Maya has A 3D UV grabber brush, but its terrible because it doesn’t work across UV islands and generally produces unexpectedly strange results.