Need a 3D Artist that can do AAA Quality models!!

I can work out a price per model and animations or animations per pack etc. I dont make very much.
But i’am working on a Van Helsing Game. I need a model for the main character for 4.8. Here is what i want something like these:

A cross between all of these:

I need the clothes coloring like they are for Van Helsing from the movie. And this version of Van Helsing I want will be half vampire.

If someone can do this, I would like to see a rough model of it before I would buy it to make sure that is what I’am looking for. It also needs to be game ready to if I want to buy it. Also, if there is anything that you would like to work out let me know just message me on here.

Probably nobody is going to make a model for you to look at and hope you want to pay a meager sum for it. AAA quality model like that, rigged and game ready could easily take 40 hours of work.

You’d probably be best to have a solid model concept drawn out. Nobody want to do all that work and have you say “oh no the collar is all wrong, can you redo it?”. Now the boots are wrong…

Not being negative just realistic.

ok thank you wasnt sure how to go about doing this

can someone give me a price range on what it would cost me for someone to make me a model AAA Quality for my game please pictures are above

My name is Larry Hlistoff, and I’m a skilled 3D artist.
I provide full range of services - sculpting in ZBrush/modeling in Modo,
optimizing the meshes, creating UV, producing normal maps,
PBR texturing in Substance Painter,
and rigging/animation in Maya.

My resume:

My portfolio: [CONTRACT/PAID] Experienced 3D artist available for work (sculpting, modeling, texturing, animation) - Looking For Work? - Unreal Engine Forums

I’m currently available at a rate of 15 USD/hr.


I throw 5000€ - 25000€ into, to say something nice.

Are you still looking for 3D Artist?