Need a 2D(!) Environment Artist for a Simple but Paid Task. ^_^

Hello everyone!

Here is the story. There is a stage in 2D Fighting game called Last Blade 2. If you google “last blade 2 stage” it’s the second picture which is an animated stage with fire. I need it to be… Well, not in fire. Clean and well in shape! Here is the low res picture;


I know its small and low resolution. I am at work right now so I am not able to open the picture properly. Though you can get the idea.

As you see it’s an old school fighting game stage that is pixelated and I need the new one to stay that way aswell. Here are the requirements:

  1. Basicly same stage, literally same stage with it’s resolution, pixelated style. Main difference being that, it shouldn’t be on fire.
  2. It could have afew chairs and tables at the left side (beside the wall) and very small stuff at right side far away.
  3. I would like the clock’s long handle to swing.
  4. Maybe have a bird or two flying around.

I can explain further and provide the real picture once you contact me. Note that I can only pay with paypal. Though if there other easy ways I may try them out aswell.

Private message via forums.

Thank you for your time and reading. :slight_smile:

Hi Achilleon. :slight_smile: I have sent you an Email.