Need a 2D artist for a mobile game -- easy job!

I’m going to go over the project in a fairly short post.

Video example: 2015 07 27 1816 59 - YouTube

What is the game about? The game is a very simply aimed towards reaction speed and hand-eye coordination skills. The goal is to not get smashed – easy enough right? As you progress the level varies in difficulty. Each level is generated randomly based on calculations, all of which use the current level number to determine difficulty.

This game looks kind of boring, will it be anything more? The short answer: YES. As of right now the level generation and player movement is complete; this is most of the work. I’d like to begin create a few unique levels that occur on various circumstances. Could be a boss level after x amount of victories, or levels that are discovered through various actions. Adding multiple elements that change the game up over time is definitely something I intend to do.

How much work do I need from you? Since I made a level generator the work can be done by editing sprite tiles and letting my math do the rest. At this time there are only about 16 sprite tiles at 256x128. Alternatively, each level could be made individually. If you were to make individual levels that would definitely bring the opportunity to a more expressive style but also more work for you. If you were to make individual levels I would need anywhere from 10-20 per stage, and enough art to cover approximately 4-5 stages. On the second post is an example of what a single level would look like. Each stage would have specific design requirements such as larger gaps, less or more differences and so on.

How much am I paying? Pay will be entirely royalty based so I cannot give you a solid answer to this. Although I spent a good amount of time making a level generator I would prefer manually drawn levels. Manually drawn levels would allow more consistency and give us the ability to customize more. Royalty amount would have to be discussed if using the level generator but if using hand drawn levels I would be satisfied splitting any profit 50/50. Pricing of this app have not yet been determined; we can discuss this together.

How often will I pay you? Ideally whenever I make profits, but no sooner than every other week. This assumes you have the ability to accept electronic payments such as google wallet or paypal.

How complete is my game? Art aside I would guestimate about 80% complete. I do not have a recent video of my current work just yet. I have completed the following: character movement and death, level generation, saving and loading data, earnings and sales tactics, level transitioning and ever increasing difficulty. I still want to implement some boss levels that follow similar rules to the basic levels but bring new mechanics and challenges.

Extra notes: I will need someone reliable that has the time to make the art at a reasonable pace. I understand everyone needs off-time so I’m not going to be picky about progress as long as something can be shown when needed on a weekly basis.

Here is an example of what a manually drawn level may look like. Gap with the “A” being the safe choice for the player.

Bump, if anyone is interested please leave a post.

Looks like a good, simple, project :slight_smile: