need a 1 time job to make a particle effect for aura / dbz game WILL PAY

I need someone to make a aura similar to the esf aura here watch?v=YBKFKTeGFp0 I just need 1 aura i can edit colors and so on myself later, please I am willing to pay, thanks :slight_smile:

BUMP, please guys i need this job done

Can you please explain what exactly do you need from that video to be done? Aura which is visible when hero flying (some sort of wind coming from bottom of character)?
And what is your proposal?

just the aura surrounding the character. here is a better video the aura is at 1:20 and im willing to pay around 50usd :slight_smile:

BUMP im still needing this done please someone reply, thank you

There doesn’t appear to be a video linked in this post…Could you confirm the effect you are looking for appears at 1:20 in link on your original post?

oh sorry here i need the aura on this video at 1:20

also heres a older version but it still looks good and its easier to see when creating it watch?v=

Do you even have any contact info? Preferably Skype?

yes i do tho looks like someone has accepted the job tho i havent heard back from them in a couple days so if they dont reply within the next day ill inbox u my skype :slight_smile:

okay my skype name is im from australia and my email is

Hugeee bump, someone please

You’re asking for a while to get this done, so here are some thoughts.
I recommend to increase your budget. 50 USD is hourly wage in eu and us for low budget game programmers.
This is a very dynamic 3d multi-particle system and not doable in 1 hour.
Low budget projects also have a tendency of high management costs in proportion to the budget.
Until the client is happy with the result, the programmer might have invested 8 hours just for management,
discussing and refining the specification.

darn maybe i should try to learn particle systems myself then, I already have the textures that are needed to make the aura i just wouldnt know how to run them on screen or anything like that.

Last time bump

okay i lied now is the last time bump, I will also up the price to 70usd as long as the job is done equal to or better then what was shown in the video :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: even though this is not a request for me there are mutiple hadzics and none say

OKAY THATS IT, 90usd to whom can ever have it done equal or better then the version in the video, PLEASE RESPOND

This is kind of not worth compared to time it can take. Just painting alpha masks for those particles, can take few hours. Then for somebody who is not DBZ fan some research (getting reference pictures) may also take several hours.

So maybe if you collect solid reference pictures, post them here, make some sketches of how you want those effects. Maybe then somebody will agree to do particles for 90$. This will remove need of long consultations.
If not you can try to make your own alpha masks and textures for this effect. Post them here. Maybe then somebody will create just particle effects out of submitted textures.

If you cannot pay more than 90, you should try to do as much as you can yourself, be very clear and precise about what you need. More you provide bigger chance you have for somebody doing it.

hmm I usally send the reference pictures when they accept and Dm me, but i might aswell attach them here, will do when i get home. people feel free to inbox me aswell :slight_smile: thanks