Need 3D Vehicle Modeling(Team)

My Team is looking to have a series of vehicles modeled. We have PDFs of requirements all ready to go to be reviewed.

What we are looking for is a Team of Artist to create several vehicle models over the course of the next month. We will provide original models rigs and textures to be used as a starting place some things will need to be created custom others can be reused.

We need both Interior and Exterior of the vehicles created. We are looking for a cost analysis for a Per/vehicle price.

Please send resumes and portfolios to

Only qualified candidates with proper examples and portfolios will get a response.

Still accepting Applications

You should contact Ironbelly, they are team of indie devs, with indie friendly prices.

Thanks for the mention @Nawrot :slight_smile: We’ve reached out to these guys in the past, so [USER=“405989”]Eview 360[/USER] we’d love to continue the conversation!