need 3d modeler

I am currently making an underwater pack mod and most of the items are repurposed stock ark models. I would like to make the models look as good as the models in ark look but be original. Im not looking to enter the contest really. I mean if we decided to as a team thats fine but it isnt my purpose for doing this. I need somoene that can model, texture, shade, animate and all that good stuff… Really other then the challenge and fun of creating something new and missing from the game, i cant offer much reward lol.

First , I LOVE the 3d Model for the Air Pump. Nice and retro. Like Ark. :slight_smile:

thanks, lol. i thought it was ****… but i guess maybe we are all overcritical on ourselves.

Hey, I’m currently a student and am still learning, but I’m a 3D artist that might be able to help you.

Thtas cool, i have semi decent meshes and such but im looking to take my existing mods and crank up the qulaity on the meshes and even animations. My mods are in my signature your welcome to look them over and see if there is anything you want to get involved in. i do have a TS3 as well as facebook and of course steam.

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i maybe be able to help. im a highly talented low poly modeler with four years exp. if you wish, go take a look over at tiberium secrets. i helped develop, shape, and texture most of the content over there.
4 years in modeling - pro low polly modeling, best in organic shaping
5 years in texture modeling
1/2 year in rigging. i am not an animator but i do know how to set up bones and weight verts for animation.

the program i am use to is 3DS Max.