Need 3D environment for a 4x4 km map

We need an experienced 3D environment in post apocalyptic ambient .

For more info : Discord devu4nor#1256

I am available for 3D environment, you can view my portfolio at

4 x 4 Km is like central London. You don’t need a person you need a whole studio for years…

Depends on what we are working

I recently worked on a 8 x 8 km map layout and with the proper assets provided it can be done with a small team and a single level designer, it just depends on the type of environment - a city like London would definitely be a larger undertaking.

I am available to work on level design if you need any. Are you looking for a solid layout designed for game play or are you more interested in the look?

I sent you a message on discord

I’ve added you on Discord.