Need 3D Character Modeller for Horror Game


We’re in need of a 3D Character Modeller for our first-person Horror Game: Colony 42. Which can be seen here:

We’re looking for someone with good modelling skills, in Zbrush, Maya or Blender. The artist must also be able to
texture and UV map the model to a high-quality and **realistic **standard.

Paid on completion and satisfaction. Price can be negotiated. Please include your asking price, and some portfolio if you can, in a PM
to or in a response to his post.

If ourselves are happy with the work you produce, and you would be able/willing, future work on other 3d modelling for the game can be discussed.

Sam Garner
Verdict Studios.

Hey Sam! We’ve had the pleasure(and horror) of working on more than a few awesome and scary projects in the last 12 months so I’d love to chat with you about what Verdict is cooking up over there.

This 3D modeller seems very good to me:

It’s not me. :wink:

Hello Sam,

We have quite a bit of experience working on horror games (and even horror films like last year’s Sinister 2). I’m sending an email, and hopefully we can discuss further.


AI and Character Blueprint Coders needed for First-Person Horror Survival Game


We’re looking for skilled blueprint coders to build AI, First Person Character Blueprints and general coding. We’re looking for highly skilled applicants that know their way
around the engine and are able to produce what we need.

Payment is on completion, please reply with your rates to this post or email:

Examples of the blueprints we need:

  • Advanced AI, patrol/guard, crawl on walls and ceilings, slender/teleporting AI.
  • Save and load game system.
  • First person character blueprint, able to see the player model, interact mechanics - Outlast style first person hands.
  • Animation blueprints

More details will be given when we contact you. *Please note that some experience in animating with Autodesk Maya or Mixamo is required.

Sam Garner

Verdict Studios, LLC

We are still in need of coders, apply above.