Need 3D Character Artist


I am looking for a 3D character artist to make a football player from the early 30’s. This is paid.

Here are some reference images:

As you can see, they wore leather helmets, cotton clothes, and wore high topped shoes (go higher up the ankle/leg).

What I need:
Character Modeled
Rigged (to ue4 skeleton or something that re-targets well)
The material needs to be masked so that the jersey colors can be changed at run-time (pants and shirt separately)

Not required but would be a huge boost:
If the player names (back of jersey) and numbers (front and back of jersey) could be changed at run-time in the material.

If interested, please reply or send me an email at with your portfolio, pay rate, and a rough estimate of total cost.

Thank you

Hey @Duddee I sent you off an email as well, but wanted to follow up here as well. What is your timeline for getting this character put together? Do you already have concept art? Cheers!