Need 2D artist

So I accidentally hit enter while putting in the title, so please forgive the vagueness of it all.

I’m seeking a 2D artist for a mobile number matching game. I’d like the art/interface to be colorful and professional looking. Simple, flat, and/or materialistic would be great.

The mechanics are mostly done, and I’ll be managing rest of the code.

Upon completion I’ll be submitting the game to Google Play and Amazon(I already have accounts), free with ads. I actively advertise my new games but any help is encouraged and welcomed.

Here’s a video of basic gameplay without any added fluff.

Any questions, let me know. You may check out my previous work here:

edited post with new video and details.

I’m available. I do a lot of poster work, but I can do 2d assets as well. Shall we chat over email some day? I can send you some of the work I have done in the past.