Need 1 or 2 for 2D Open World Turn Based Combat - level system(map design)

I would pay for someone to code the open world; or if you are willing to join the team it would be per asset or royalty based.

The player begins the game in their home or “starter town” venturing out into the screen by screen open world to level up, grab loot and combat the forces of evil solo or in a group setting

screen by screen movement, but continuously open world. Point to click for just about everything.
random monster spawns, general loot table, RPG progressions etc etc im mostly looking for help with the map. Ive got the rest down.

Team Name:
Not registered.

Team Structure:
Steve(me) (Project Creator - marketing, sales, graphic designs, post production)
Project Management, Marketing, Design and sales experience. 5 years+

Brian K. (Audio and visual SFX implementation) 8+ years

Talent Required:
2D Level designed - bland, basic, just need something to walk around in. and we cannot get the right method down. need to get the point and click screen to screen movement system