Nedim Halilovic - C++/BP Programmer


  • C, C++, C#, Python, SQL, Ruby, Java, Javascript, PHP
  • Unreal Engine 4 development;
  • Networking;
  • Hard-surface modelling;
  • Animation (not production quality, but can fix bad animations, or animations that can’t be integrated properly for some reason);
  • Substance Designer;

Previous Work:
Wa: The First Dream -…

  • System programmer (movement, combat system, etc);

Ragtag Adventurers - Ragtag Adventurers Launch Trailer - YouTube

  • System and content creation;

Spectrum: Tactical Stealth Action - SPECTRUM: TACTICAL STEALTH ACTION™ Windows game - Mod DB

  • Everything;

Castle kong - Castle Kong Launch Trailer! $5000 Bounty! - YouTube

  • Movement, UI, score system, platform behavior, some AI;

Flare - Flare - Indoor Venue Showcase - YouTube

  • General programming;
  • DMX;
  • Plugins;
  • Refactoring;

Pokemon Metal (fanmade Pokemon game) - [Completed] Pokemon Metal (Update - Gen 6+more!) - The PokéCommunity Forums

  • Everything;


  • System and content on various freelance projects, including almost every genre of video games there is. I cannot show most of these off due to NDAs.


Showcase (Out of date!!!):

Discord: NedimH#7988

Additional Information:

  • Can speak English & German;
  • Looking for paid work only;
  • More details in the linked CV;

Hi, I’m available for work again. Please feel free to contact me via the E-mail or Discord. Thanks.

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Hi, bumping this because I am available again.

Did you see my post earlier? We are still looking for more C++ Programmers with Unreal Engine experience.

Bump to notify that I am available for work again.

Hey, some of your links are dead (CV) or private (YT). Are you able to relink?

I would like to talk with you about a project what would be best way to contact you?

Bumping to notify that I am available again.