Necros Rock Box

Necros Rock Box is now on the Marketplace! Yes, that’s “Necros” instead of my usual “Necro’s” (the new portal doesn’t allow apostrophes). I’m opening this post to provide an area for feedback and support. If you have any questions, problems, suggestions, I’d love to hear them!


Working on an update to the Rock Box that will include some new rocks. Additionally, I plan to include other nature related props, like the following log (image from Photoscan):


The idea is to have nature related props to compliment the rocks, so you can whip up a nature scene in a very short time.

Just now got it too for my environment learning tests, glad that you add even more meshes in future.

Thanks AE_3DFX!

Necro’s Rock Box is currently 30% off in the Cyber Monday sale (11/27/2017 only)! The last update added a log, mushroom, and flower mesh: