Necro's Rock Box

Salutations! Here to meet your geological needs is Necro’s Rock Box! For the rock bottom (groan) price of $2.99, you can have this collection of stones, pictured here just hanging out:


The pack comes with 10 rock meshes and one master material. You can swap out the detail diffuse/normal (4 are provided):


The material allows you to adjust the tint of various rock features (cavities for example) independently, allowing you to come up with a wealth of variation! And finally, an optional “lichen” layer can be painted onto the meshes using the red vertex paint channel, allowing for even more customization.

If you’d like to try some free samples, two are available: sample #1 and sample #2. Pictured below is sample #1:


Note: the rock pack comes in a UE4 project. To move to your own project, simply open the NecrosRockPack project and migrate the NecrosRockPack folder and all its contents to your projects Contents folder.

Forgot to mention that each mesh has 4 LODs.