Neck like camera

Oh, hello, anybody have any idea of a blueprint who can make my camera rotate like a human head? Like outlast, etc.
I need this really much, to limit the camera, I use a third person template, who I make a tutorial, but I dont check yaw control rotation.


  1. If you have the third person character blueprint open, delete the “CameraBoom”.

It will look like this, after you’ve done it:

  1. Select the camera and position it roughly at head position and drag it a little bit away from the face like this (My camera position: X = 30.0 cm, Y = 0.0 cm, Z = 70.0 cm).

  1. When you still have selected the camera, tick the option “Use pawn control rotation”:

  1. Play your game with your character.

[Optional]: If the character should rotate to the position your are facing (like outlast), tick the “Use controller rotation yaw” option. Like this:

I hope I could be of help.


I made exactly how you say, exception Optional, but camera is rotating in any direction, whitout problems, I want to limit this, to look in right and left with out problem

Short:Itțs the resul I want, but camera is rotating, and I can see the char head, and I dont want this

I’d suggest looking up “True First Person” in the forums, answer hub, wiki, YouTube etc.
With any luck you’ll find a tutorial that works for you.

When I walk, I want the caracter follow the camera direction, when I stay if I look left or right I wan to limit it, to look like real life

So you want the camera to work like the Crysis and Left 4 Dead series? (You can see your body).

Yes, I dont play l4d but I have idea, yes, you are right

AFAIK You would attach the camera to a head bone(Or a bone that was specifically setup for the camera).
You could find more posts about this topic by searching over at “


yesterday I played some outlast, and I saw the camera, it’s not what I want, but is better. I want to make a strafe animation when I look left or right, what blueprint I would use to play strafe?