Neck issues w/ retargeting (Using CC3 & MoveIt)

Work Flow:
Export from Character Creator 3 using Unreal Preset

Importing FBX into UE utilizing Reallusion’s Auto Character Setup for UE4

I’m setting up the retargeting manager exactly as it should be, and pose looks identical to me but the neck specifically is getting jacked up.

Made this video showing the issue:

I have done a bunch of messing around and just cannot figure out how to fix this issue but the dev for MoveIt says it’s not an issue with Moveit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think this is happening because cc3 characters usually have 2 neck bones while everything modeled on the Epic mannequin has only one neck bone. If you are retargeting existing animations onto the cc3 character than one neck bone will receive animation while the other will stay in default rest pose.

If this is indeed the problem then possible solutions would be either delete one of the bones and smooth out the weight paint or use the AnimInstance graph to copy rotations or otherwise smooth animation from one neck bone to the other so they both move in tandem.