Nebula Generator on Mac M1 Mini 8 GB works?


“UE Volumetric Space Nebula Procedural Generator” makes amazing nebulas!!!

I have been working in Blender for 6 months now with my Sci-Fi film project, and have produced some nebulas, but eevee is lousy at rendering them, and cycles is waaay toooo slow. (And I’m a beginner.)

I asked Ambient_GraphX about the below but they hadn’t tried it out so they would not promise anything. Perhaps anyone of you guys has some tips?

  • Is my Mac Mini M1 8 GB capable of running Unreal Engine 4.27? ONLY for making nice nebulas! I will NOT make games, only film sequences (1920x1080 or 4K) with nebulas and my spaceship traveling thru them. (Tried to install UE 5, but Compiling shaders(?!) on startup went on foreveeeer!! How do I avoid that? Uninstalled everything and gave up… But some you-tubers DO run UE on their M1s ?)

I have never been working with game production, so feel free to treat me as a complete idiot in your answer.

I’ll be glad to pay for the nebula generator, but it’s not cheap and I want to be absolutely sure that I’m not wasting my money.

Best to you all!

Ulf in Falun, Sweden