Nearly finished very simple app need a little blueprint help to wrap it up!

Hi everyone! We’re creating a VR version of a section of James Joyces’ Ulysses. It’s essentially a reader for the book, something to help people who are interested in absorbing complex literature. The version we need help with is a prototype version that lasts approx. 10 minutes.

We’re nearly finished, but need a UE4 blueprint dev to help us finish it. We don’t believe in people working for free we’ve decided to give out a portion of the royalties to a dev who decides to come on board.

If you know your blueprints, there really isn’t that much to do for a portion of royalties - maybe a few days of work? deal of the century!

The main tasks include:

Fix a couple of bugs with selecting text.
Game start screen to switch between VR/2D modes.
Wrap it all up in a decent builds for Win/osX/Android.

Here’s how it looks right now (Sandymount Strand circa 1904): InUlysses Game Preview on Vimeo

[note that the blueprint is there for a user to select the text to open up three more lines that appear beneath - annotations so you can discover what the character’s thoughts mean, but for some reason it’s not working - one of the little bugs we need help with]