near and far clip planes?

is there a way to access this elements of cameras? or why there is no way to access this?

I mean I think that using near and far clipping planes and using some extra things you could do minimaps and things like that real time (I mean, we can use a camera that only renders a cross section of the map isnt?)

There are min and max draw distances in the advanced rendering details for static mesh components. I don’t know about any convenient global or per-camera settings though.

I know that in the project settings (Possible editor preferences) There is a clip plane setting for cameras.

Ah yeah. In Project Settings, Engine, General Settings there’s a near clip plane setting. Nice.

still there is no per camera settings isn’t?

I did see a little about the per project settings that you can edit from the editor, or directly in a .ini file, but cant found one for specific camera (or why/explanation it is not needed in UE4)

@tmammela The near and far clip planes have nothing at all to do with the depth buffer precision. It has to do with which pixels get rejected for being to near or too far. The precision remains un affected. You cannot change the Bit width of the depth buffer. (Which is the only thing that would change precision.)

I think what he means the precision is the differences can be bigger according to the equation F = (z - near) / (far - near).

Hi is near cliping can change that white/world Transparency on my landscape?

No, what you are seeing here are backfaces of your terrain, by default all meshes have faces only on one side and they are transparent on the other side