nDisplay Projection Policy - setCamera not working with Orthographic Cameras


I am trying to use nDisplay to simulate 4 windows of a transportation vehicle. There’s a front, back, and 2 left windows (next to each other like a limo). I cannot seem to set the 2 left windows as orthographic cameras when using nDisplay’s Projection Policy API - setcamera. It either displays 1 black camera or defaults to a perspective camera. I need orhto in order to not have the cameras overlap in what they see.
I read there are some issues with Ortho cameras already and wondering if it is related.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

I’m having the same issue. Would be great to hear a solution, or even to be told for certain that ortho cameras will not work.

While nDisplay does not support ortho cameras out of the box, there are some ways to implement it.

nDisplay generates an assymetric frustum defined by the screen dimensions AND eye point position. That volume creates a frustum.

Two points:

  • We allow people to specify their own Projection Policy to “manual” meaning they “could” in theory set ortho projection matrices in there ( see Projection Policies in nDisplay )
  • One could very well emulate orthographic projection with a very far eye point. Maybe not 100% mathematically correct but you could reach pretty close that it would be undistinguishable

Note: Something to be aware about when approaching orthographic projections - lots of engine features tend to break or not work well with orthographic projections or projection matrices reaching orthographic shapes.