nDisplay Level Shift (Using Dedicated Server)

I am developing contents using nDisplay.

I use Open Level to move levels in nDisplay environments.
It worked flawlessly in the local environment.


In development, we wanted to build a multiplayer environment using Dedicated Server,
so we tried to connect with the server using the Open Level BP(Open IP Address) feature through Cluster Event.

In some cases, the connection is good, and in some cases, the connection is not possible.
If not connected, Windows Task Manager indicates Unresponsive and the cluster shuts down.

The nDisplay Log file displays the following message.

Setting the network entry option in the nDisplay Config file to 10 times the default value causes a Connection Time Out message on the dedicated server.
In this case, it is also marked as unresponsive, but the cluster does not shut down.

I think this problem is caused by nDisplay level shift.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?