nDisplay device is not launching at once on Switchboard

Hey guys, quick question: when we were trying to launch nDisplay devices (LED walls), we had to click on the “launch” button on Switchboard multiple times to make it work, this is happening to some of the devices/render nodes, not all of them. We’re using UE 5.1.1. Here is the log from Switchboard saying node 2 has started and then exited:

[10:14:36][D]: Ended unreal f1956ddb-44a0-4f1b-981d-04f2e106b540
[10:14:36][D]: Config File: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.1\Engine\Plugins\VirtualProduction\Switchboard\Source\Switchboard\configs\Template1.json updated
[10:14:36][I]: Node_2: retrieve with id 16537ffd-c94a-409d-9533-6f8b292ac921 was successfully started
[10:14:36][I]: RsyncServer.monitor: [log] 2023/07/03 10:14:36 [1744] connect from NODE3-ID15553 (
[10:14:36][I]: RsyncServer.monitor: [log] 2023/07/03 10:14:36 [1744] rsync allowed access on module device_logs from NODE3-ID15553 (
[10:14:36][I]: Node_2: Program with id 16537ffd-c94a-409d-9533-6f8b292ac921 exited with returncode 0

Any fix for this?

Having same issues with switchboard in 5.1 projects with multi node ndisplay launch. Return code zeros and nothing I seem to find fixes problem. Same ndisplay configs launch in 5.03 with no issues

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I still haven’t found a solution yet:(

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