nDisplay configuration viewer's edit config button not working?

I’m trying to follow the nDisplay configuration document to create/configure a config file to fit my setup, but the edit config button on the window doesn’t seems to work as neither text editor nor error message pops up. Do I have to link a text editor manually to unreal? if so, how do I do it? tried to search for the setting in editor preferences but nothing seems like it. I can definitely edit the file on a text editor manually without the button, but would be great if I can open the file through the configuration window.

any help appreciated thanks

is this an intended behaviour and not a broken feature since nobody tried answering this?

Hey JoviW,

The buttons are there but are not yet working in 4.26.

Let us hope they can make it work in the next version of UE

hey rene, thanks for answering with the link!