NDFT (3D Fighting Game) Looking To Form A Team

Is anyone interested in working on a 3D Fighter? If so, then here is mostly what you need to know.

Title - The title of the game is “North Dragon Fist Tournament” or “NDFT”. It will be a 3D Fighting game with 1-on-1 fights. The main roster of fighters will be 8-10 max for a first game, since I’m sure balancing too many fighters at once would be a lot of work. But of course a chance of having 1 or 2 unlockable fighters.

Synopsis - An invitation was sent to individuals to be a part of the “Dragon Fist Tournament”. Looking for strong warriors who can serve under the Great Lee Dragon.

Simple story, yeah I know. I left it that way as it will be more important to build the background story of the fighters themselves, which I have a few in mind and drawn out. I’m no concept artist by no means, so it would be nice to have a character artist who can fully flesh out my drawings for our 3D modeler.

I have a fighting game mechanic in mind that I want to incorporate to differentiate the title slightly. But will still incorporate mechanics such as stuns, counters, taunts, block and evade to name a few. We can talk more about that. As for fighters, I don’t want to make too many move sets, but enough to reminisce the simplicity of fighting games back in the PS1, Sega, NEOGEO age, but with modern graphics. Heavily influenced by fighting games much like Tekken, Dead Or Alive, Fatal Fury, King Of Fighters and such.

Here’s the basic of what will be in-game

  • 8 to 10 fighters, which includes a boss (but not limited too if development progress to the point where we feel confident enough to add a few more)
  • Roughly 15 move sets per fighter
  • 2 throws per fighter
  • 6 Stage A, 5 Stage B (Total of 11 stages)
  • 3 outfits per fighter

Regarding “Stage A” and “Stage B” term
Each stage has a Stage A and Stage B. With Stage A being the main stage selection. Stage B is part of Stage A but is an extra layer (like what you see in typical fighters like Tekken and Dead or Alive). Fighters can enter Stage B by knocking the opponent into Stage B by falling, throwing, strong offensive attacks and such. However, one stage in mind will be without a Stage B as it will be a big fighting arena itself.

What I’m looking for
Am looking for any who are interested in taking on this project. Would definitely much need:

  • A few programmers
  • 2 to 3 concept artists (most notably a character artist and background/landscape artists)
  • 3D modelers (character modeler, stage/map, and props)
  • A composer or 2
  • A few animators (Will need animators and programmers more than anything)
  • 1 story writer to help flesh out story if we decide to make this a series (most likely will)
  • 1 or 2 sound designer and effects (sound fx)
  • Team leader; game designer to help manage the team and delegate task. Although having an extra skill would be nice.

I personally will be the lead game designer. I compose a little music, writer stories, do a little concept art or sketch mockups, come up with ideas, game mechanics and will focus on making the game; product fun. Am looking to put together a team.

My email is if you’re interested.