Nazi Gladiators, top down ridiculous shooter

Hi there! We two guys are developing a top down shooter game in Nazi era.

Called Nazi Gladiators, it’s aim is to be just plain ridicious, and fun to play, with local coop. What do you think? :slight_smile:
Also, we have started a facebook page where we post progress and such.
The aim is for the graphics to be simple and easy on the hardware. But when it comes to the dynamics, that will a different thing.
We still have to work on the lights and the atmo.

The idea sounds freaking amazing. Can’t wait to see some gameplay!!

Thank you! Very motivating to hear so :).
We are working on the atmosphere right now, it’s going pretty good. The level is quite large, so it’s going to take a little bit more of work… A lot more.


Progress update 09/07/15
Still need to fix up some textures, but the priority is getting the world sketched.
This screenshot is from one of the main locations. Otherwise there are lot of other paths.
Any feedback? We are going to work on the lighting soon. :slight_smile: