NavMeshInvoker not drawn/working

I am trying to add a Navmeshinvoker to a NPC character that is already working fine with the NavMeshBoundsVolume. However the Navmesh is not drawn for either either the NPC (nor the NPC_MH that inherits from NPC) - while the bounds volume is drawn correctly. I also tried without the NavMeshBoundsVolume/RecastNavMesh-Default but that does not work either.

When a NPC is placed inside the NavMeshBoundsVolume it works just fine. What can be wrong.

This is how it looks:

A bit embarrassing - by accident I placed an NavMeshInvoker on the floor, and it would span the entire testarea. When that was removed the smaller NavMesh will draw correctly around the actors :expressionless:

Just a quick tip - I based my NPC_MH as a child of NPC, that is having the NvavigationInvoker, this actually prevents me from setting an individual Navigation radius, so I made a Regsiter Navigation Invoker for this, ‘exposing’ the two variables. Like this:

Now I can set the radius like this - however “draw navmesh” (P key) does not work in the editor:


Also I implemented a PatrolPath - and it looks like the path point must be withing the range of the dynamic navmesh - I wonder if I could somehow make the BT check the distance to the the next PatrolPath.point and ajust - or perhaps I should use 'move directly towards?