Using 4.13
When I drag in a Nav Mesh Bounds Volume it turns it into a “RecastNavMesh” which I cannot find anything about. I cannot resize the volume or see the green navmesh. Am I doing something wrong?


Be sure you tick “Show Navigation”


Thanks! I did miss that, but it still is not working right. It does not have a resizeable bounding box or green surface.

Pressing “P” will show the green overlay.
check to make sure the box isnt up in the sky, it happened to me a few times and i couldnt see it (double click the mesh BP to navigate right to it)

Navigation is being displayed (p) and I can see the widget, but I cannot scale it - there is no box to scale. It is importing as a “RecastNavMesh” Class, which appears to be incorrect.

You should end up with both the volume actor and the recastNavMesh actor. Delete it and place a new one. RecastNavMesh actor is essentially what holds the compiled nav data. The volume actor sets the bounds.

Thank you! I was dragging it into the World Outliner instead of into the scene.