NavMeshBoundsVolume Problem

Hello Everyone,
I have got a some problem.I watched that video and ı tried to do some basic Ai Character.But there is a some problem.I did all of things what virtus do and it didn’t worked.I tried it in Version 11.2 and it worked.(Now my project version is 12.5).I thought it’s about NaVMeshBoundsVolume because i did all of things ture in BP.Here is Ai Bp ,Its soo basic.And i did Project settings/Navigation Mesh/RunTime/Force Rebuild On Load is Clicked and RunTimeGeneration is Dynamic . How can ı solve this problem?
And sorry if the topic is in wrong headline.Thats my first Topic :slight_smile:

Have you run a Print String node after OnSeePawn to see if the event is even being called. Start there.