NavMesh Volume for AI and OpenWorld?

We are creating a procedural open World and we were using NavMesh Volume but our enemies dont move!
Our enemies AI are procedurally spawned around the world but they dont move because the Navmesh Volume can’t afford the entire World.
So how can we move our enemies please?

does anyone faced a similar problem please?

You might have to increase the budget for the navmesh such that it can fill the entire world.

that is an open World so it is too big as I said!
Furthermore, the world is procedurally generated. It is not manually designed.
So which is the way to use the AI in a OpenWorld please?

So is there a way to generate a Navmesh or equivalent for spawned enemies please?

Maybe you can use multiple NavMesh Volume. If you are using multiple levels with Level Streaming you need to change NavMesh Volume level to Persistent Level. Otherwise NavMesh Volumes doesn’t count as a navigation.

Hi, done already! We have one level and the Persistent Level.

We thought to use multiple Navmesh but how can we generate them and place them in the world according with the spawned AI? Because we cant do it manually because our level is empty during the editing