Navmesh settings keep resetting to defaults

Project settings:image
My game has some short enemies, so I set the agent height to 32 units, to allow for navmeshh generation in tight spaces, but the Recast NavMesh will always reset to default size of 144
Even though I changed it in project settings itself, spawning navigation mesh will always create a Recast with default settings, changing these settings manually will work until the level is reloaded, at which point it will reset back to default settings.

I’ve seen this problem mentioned, but everyone mentions changing project settings itself to be a solution, which it isn’t since project settings get overwritten with default values when the map is reloaded. I’d assume it’s a bug with Unreal, but this seems to have been a problem for years now and I sincerely hope people weren’t just forced to use default NavMesh in every game for the past 8 years.