Navmesh Query for Movement Mode?

Does the navmesh have a query for which movement mode/animation an AI agent should use in a certain area? Apologize if this has already been answered, either I’m using the wrong lingo or my google-fu isn’t up to snuff, but I haven’t found any answers to this question so far.

Thanks in advance!

Hey king-worm!

I am not sure if the Navmesh is able to switch the movement mode of the AI, there are NavLinks which are used to make the AI climb or jump onto stuff, and the Navmesh is able to support multiple agent-radiusses.

But to really switch movement mode you could create your own bounding box/ trigger/ area to make the AI change in movement the moment they enter it.

Hope this answers your question :slight_smile:

Wellll, I WAS hoping for something a little more elegant than that built in, but that works!

Many thanks! :smiley: