NavMesh not being rebuilt at runtime

I’m using the binary version of 4.7.0 on Windows 7 x64.

I am disabling a box collider at runtime, but the NavMesh isn’t updating. The box collider is a child of a scene component on the actor.

I have “Rebuild at Runtime” under project settings > Navigation Mesh and “Update Navigation Automatically” under editor preferences > Miscellaneous checked. The dirty areas update frequency is at its default setting of 60.

When the function illustrated in the attached image is called at runtime, I can see the box collider becoming invisible. However, the navigation mesh isn’t updating. I’ve confirmed this using the show navigation command; no changes are made. I threw in the extra RebuildNavigation command just to confirm that even a full rebuild doesn’t do anything. If I disable the box collider and rebuild paths in the editor, it works fine. But, this needs to happen at runtime.

Any suggestions?

I was able to solve this by destroying the box collider component rather than disabling its collision. If you need to update the collision rather than disable it, I imagine you could probably just add a new collider after destroying the original. There are other ways to update it as well, but this seems to be the most reliable in my case.