Navmesh, mixing step heights?

Hey! I have a question about navmeshes and using AIs of different types.

In my level, I have pitfalls that the my floating AIs ignore, (I’ve simply added a collision mesh that the navmesh collides with, but not the player pawn).
However, I wish to add walking AIs that should avoid this pitfalls.

But you directly set step height and and max slope in the navmesh. How do I make it so that some AI’s can cross, and some don’t if they all use the same navmesh?

Hey @Graylord !

Not sure if I know the exact answer you are looking for, but one idea that comes to mind is creating new AIs that inherit from the same class that the floating ones, and another for the rest of the enemies that you don’t want them to avoid that pitfall, then change the collision channel of the ones that can’t pass and set it to block the collision mesh you set before. Another way of doing these could be adding an enum or boolean if they can pass over the pitfall or not, then you set the collision channel on the OnBeginPlay if it meets the bool criteria.

Tell me if there are any doubts with anything, and hope this proves useful,

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