NavMesh jumping, tips and tricks?

Hey guys… so continuing my Navigation odyssey, I’m checking out the best way to create “Jump gaps”.

The typical solution i’m finding is to create a Custom NavArea to apply to the NavLinkProxy, and creating a custom PathFollowingComponent which detects this NavArea and applies some logic to the AIController when it’s inside it.

I have 2 problems with this solution and would like to know your opinions.

  1. By creating a NavArea_Jump we could theoretically apply it to a Navigation volume, and the result would be pretty weird (tutorials only ever use it with NavAreaProxies)
  2. The issue doesn’t seem to be easily solvable with an area, without using a proxy… so in reality the solution is on the navlink itself.
    There seems to exist a INavLinkCustomImplementation interface that gets tested on the PathFollowingComponent, which it seems to be the “ideal” solution in this case, but i’m still researching it
    Do any of you guys have any experience on using this classes?
    The other question is… i’m trying to figure out how to create a jump that lands and arcs using the the navlink… i’m thinking on maybe using a spline or having some way to calculate the launch force needed for the jump to be made
    Any ideas?
    Link about the navlink jumps…/3681-navlink-and-making-a…