NavMesh - how to implement for huge map

I have a huge map in which i am using “Simple Move to Location” node to move my char across a map(top down view).

It could be “an start-to-end two path points navigation” or “a path with numerous path points to the destination” on a map. Setting those points on the map will enable the char to move across the game screen(non top down view) in “real game time”. The navigation could take place in short distance or as in an entire map length.

How can i implement NavMesh for this or is there pawn movement node that i could use without using NavMesh?

You can set nav mesh generation to be lazy instead of statically generated in editor.

Thanks for the reply, i have made some progress in this.

project settings>> engine>> nav sys >>
data gathering mode as lazy

project settings>> engine>> nav mesh>>
runtime generation as dynamic.
tileSizeUU as 1500
cell size as 200

nav mesh bounds volume to the entire map.

Placed a couple of BPs (with invoker component) evenly spread along the proposed path and add invoker component to character BP. The char should be able to auto generate nav along path. So if the char is blocked by obstacles, the extra nav generated by the char would be useful to retrigger the pathing again to reach its end destination.

If there are better methods to tackle this, please throw it this way!