Navmesh generating on top of static meshes?

Hey all, I’m running into some issues with my players pathfinding. I use a dynamic navmesh that generates around an invoker on the player character. It generates well but on some meshes that are low to the ground like rocks or destroyed walls or something it will generate a slope or a square on any flat parts these will usually connect to the main navmesh through some crazy ramps.

My player max step height is like 40 and the walk-able slope is 45. So they can’t even walk on that navmesh but since it generates the nav they still try.

Any help appreciated.

It seems that no matter what I make my settings, the slopes still generate on my meshes. I set the agent radius to 0 and there’s still a gigantic edge on all my meshes so my characters can’t even get close to things and the stupid angle generates no matter what cell height or agent slope is, so they can’t even pathfind anyways since they just run into ■■■■.