Navmesh did not appear on custom FBX

Hi there, new problem i faced yesterday.

i tries to import some building from Unreal “as allways” but… the navmesh didnt appear. I did several checks but nothing new.

I post a photo to explain it better.

i check in older projects and my old fbx works great. and did in same Maya versión 2016. In this projects import the new FBX ( is just a cube ) and did the same.

I checked that is Static cube, have an Collisión.

But nothings…

Any clue?

I am having the exact same issue - any solution to this?

i am having the same problem, did you find any solution ?

when Import the fbx file by right click and import option and than use complex colliosion as simple with enable collision option turned on. It works.

but when I do the same thing with on the same geo imported using ‘import into level’ option from file menu it doesnt work. I see the nav bound but I cannot teleport or walk onto it.

I have tried in many times in a fresh scene but no solution.
It seems to have problem with geo which is imported by import into level option in file menu.


Does anybody have an answer for that ?

I have the same issue, where exporting just a cube for the ground from maya 2017 as an fbx v2014, and import it back to UE doesn’t create any collision with the Navigation mesh. Even after adding a collision mesh in the mesh editor.

Next to it I have a cube from UE which create collision with the nav mesh.

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Found a fix !

  • First make sure your mesh have a collision mesh.
  • Second the nav mesh will only update after you restart unreal, so every time you want to update you have to restart unreal.

Epic is aware and there is a ticket about that :