NavMesh collision for a StaticMesh

I am messing around with building a tile based game. The problem is that I can’t seem to create a tile which is ignored by the navmesh. No matter what settings I mess with under the Collision or NavMesh properties of the tile’s static mesh, it still makes the entire space navigable.

Ideally, I want the tiles to determine the ‘base’ nav mesh, and then stack other actors/meshes on top of that which then cut or add to the navigable area. Maybe some tiles are only partially navigable - although at this point I’d be happy if the tile was just completely ignored by the navmesh system (as if it weren’t spawned at all).

What’s the correct way of setting up something like this? The only thing I seem to be able to do is add dynamic collision volumes to cut out the areas where I don’t want navigation - however this then interferes with stacking an “additive” mesh on top of the tiles.

Thanks for any advice you might have!

Hey VelaAMattingly,

during my research for my issues, i discovered your problem. Because of my research i can give you the advice: If you are planning on walking on “static Meshes” there is an option that allows you to disable the impact of navigation mesh bound volume on it. In short your AI is ignoring this area.

Open your static Mesh / details panel / navigation / has navigation Data. -> Turn the option “has navigation data” off.

Unfortunalty that’s all i can say…

I hope you need this advice still this year :wink: